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1. To identify the areas needed conservation efforts and initiate and execute conservation related programs related to wildlife and nature.
2. To aware and educate general people regarding protection and conservation of natural resources in the neighborhood and nourish school children to build them as a future responsible citizen for the conservation of nature.
3. To understand problems associated with the people living in associated with forested areas and implement appropriate activities for a secure livelihood without exploiting the forest resources and foster better co-existence with nature and wildlife.
4. To provide technical and resource based support to State Forest Department on wildlife monitoring and conservation.
5. To undertake applied and scientific research in the field of Biodiversity and Natural resource management for a secure and sustainable ecosystem.
6. To develop and establish research centers and nourish students in the field of Biodiversity and conservation of Natural Resources.
7. To work jointly with any other individual, Government or Non-government institution/company/Organisation if it required for the betterment of social responsibility towards wildlife and nature.
8. To promote and execute activities which shall serve as alternative livelihood for the people dependent on forest resources for livelihood.
9. To promote ecotourism and organic farming for the betterment of human lives and natural resources.   
10.To establish a network among National and International Organizations of the same vision to use and exchange the expertise for conservation of Biodiversity and Natural resources.Type your paragraph here.

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To monitor climate change and its impact on wetlands and grasslands, WE Foundation India is setting up a Wetland Research Station in Assam, India.

Join our hands to make it  successful. To know more write to us

Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources through Research, Education, Capacity building and  Advocacy for the well-being of Wildlife and Human Society 

Our motto is to strengthen our capacity  by establishing a network of individuals and organisations with the same thoughts to fulfill our Mission.

​​​​2. A watch tower to monitor migratory birds was installed at Kokilamukh, Jorhat,

    Assam. This task was a collaborative work between WFI and Panchawati Pakriti

    Mancha of Jorhat.

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​​​​1. Second SpiderIndia  Meet was held at Gibbon Wildlife Sanctuary from 22 to 24 th December 2017.  Click Here for the detailed report of the meet.


WE Foundation India, is an effort to foster Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources by bridging the gap between Nature and Human, which is of utmost necessity to gift a better world to our future generations. Our motto is to strengthen our capacity  by establishing a network of individuals and organisations with the same thoughts to fulfill our Mission and Vision

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