Completed Projects:  

  1. A preliminary study on the wetland network and Avian diversity of Jhanjimukh-Kokilamukh IBA, Jorhat Assam. - Study conducted by Nilutpal Mahanta during- 2014-2016

  2. Preliminary assessment of mammalian fauna in Rani-Garbhanga Reserve Forest of Assam, India .​ - Study conducted by Nazrul Islam during- 2014-2015

  3.  Comprehensive checklist of Diurnal Spider Diversity in Guwahati Metropolitan Area, Kamrup, Assam. ​ - Study conducted by Sangeeta Das, Reshmi Bhattacharjee and Dr. P.K. Saikia during- 2013-2014.  Access Full Paper 

  4. Studies on the wetland resource movement and human livelihood in Deepor beel wetland, Kamrup, Assam. Study conducted by Bhaskar Jyoti Kalita during- 2014-2015.

  5. Study of diurnal activity budgeting and set back distance for Bronz-winged Jacana in Deepar Beel, Ramsar site,  Assam. Study conducted by Samujjal Saharia during- 2014-2015.

​​Note: All the above listed projects has been executed and completed by the members of WE Foundation India, prior to the registration of the Trust.

------------------------------Activity Highlights------------------------------

WE Foundation India

On-going Projects:  

  1. Conservation of Indigenous rice varieties of Assam with the help of "Annapurna seed library" under the observation of Mahan Bora at Jorhat District of Assam India.

  2. Swamp Francolin Conservation and Research initiatives in Assam.

  3.  Building the Future- An effort to promote Eco-tourism as an alternative livelihood.

  4. Changing climate and its impact on wetlands, Wetland Research Center, Jorhat, Assam